Solar electrification + drinking water
system of the community of Chiwias
The comunity of Chiwias is located in the southeast of the Ecuatorian jungle, in the District of Morona Santiago, Cantón Taisha, Asociation Tutinentsa, near the river Kankaim, some 25 km to the border with Perú.

The Shuar indigenous poblation of Chiwias lives generally from Maniok and banana cultivation, and does wild animal hunting and fishing. The average monthly family income is less than 20 US$, from which most is spend on aircraft fees.
It is important that the comunity got its fotovoltaic solar energy system to realize their dialy work like for example the education of their children in the afternoon and night, and getting news and other information.

The solar system helps preserve the primary and secondary forest.

It is planned the implementaion of an solar generating system for both drinking water and electric light for the de la comunity, but in the moment we are implementing only the solar electric system because there are economic problems.

The solar energy system consists initially of 6 panels Isofoton I 165 and 1 panel Isofoton I 110 with an average daily production of 3850 Whp, 10 stacionary bateries MAC de 12 V 150 Ah, 1 regulator Isofoton I 30 A y 1 Inverter Triplite APS 2400 W (generation of alternate current 110 V AC for the local public grid).

The system of Chiwias generates the energy for the consumption of lights (actually there are at least 2 enregysaving lamps of 15 W) and radiocassetts in every household.

The 24 families got now with their solar energy system during the daytime the posibility of hearing the radio, using mixers y ventilators. During the night they can use light until 22 hours.
The system was coejecuted with the comunity Chiwias, CODESO and the district goverment of  Taisha.
Actually the comunity of Chiwias, together with 10 other comunities of the Tutinentsa Asociation, is looking for financement for proyects of electrification, drinking water, sewage treatment and showers.

There is also an important radiocomunication proyect, the nearest radio is at an distance of 9 hours walk in the Asociation of Tutinentsa, which makes emergency healthtreament impossible.

Other planned proyects are ecoturism, the culture rescue and handycrafts, important for the sociol development of the families. They are looking foreward to get some help to rise their social life level.

In case that You like to help in these or other proyects you are welcome to to send us a Email.
The main financiation was realized el Proyecto para el Desarrollo de los Pueblos Indígenas y Negros del Ecuador PRODEPINE RAS Telefax (593) 7-702049, There was also some help from the Ilustre Municipio de Taisha, Telefax.: (593) 4-2527048.
The school and comunity house
Map of Tutinentsa Asociation, Cantón Taisha
The Comunity of Chiwias formed a microservice company to garantize the sostainable service of electric energy and in the fututre drinking water supply for years to come. The families are paying a small amount to the service company of the comunity, and so they´ve got the resources to pay the local tecnical personal and mantainance, repairs and future increment of the system to afront future needs.
Corporación para el Desarrollo Sostenible CODESO
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Corporación para el Desarrollo Sostenible CODESO
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Mapa de la Asociación Tutinentsa, Cantón Taisha Fotos
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