How does photovoltaic solar electrification work? 
Overview of solar energy
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How solar photovoltaic electrification works?
How solar photovoltaic electrification works?
Overview of solar photovoltaic electrification
Solar energy is

The use of solar energy as an energy source is already sustainable in itself, because it uses solar rays as an energy source and thus protects the environment, but sustainability must also include a low cost of operation and the guarantee that the system It works in the long term without major costs or dependencies.

Solar energy is

Managing a photovoltaic solar system is as easy as connecting to the public grid.
Normal maintenance consists of occasionally cleaning the glass of the panles. You can learn how to keep the batteries (dry or gel) and check the good condition of the system.
Most equipment, such as regulators or inverters, have status or performance indicators.
You don't have to pay for light consumption pans or buy and transport fuel.
You don't have to worry about increased consumption problems, because the systems are modular.
There is also no need to worry about increases in the price of electricity or worse about failures or blackouts in the public electricity grid.
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General operation

The sun's rays (photons) are captured and transformed with solar panels into continuous electrical energy, which accumulates in the battery bank or accumulators.
With the inverter, the direct current of 12 or 24 volts is transformed into alternating current of 110 volts, which is distributed through the cable network to the house (s), where the consumers are connected as: fluorescent lamps , radio recorders, televisions, blenders, fans, refrigerators, water pumps, etc.

This type of photovoltaic electrical energy system has, like all solar systems, the following important characteristics:

Sustainable, because the energy source is the sun, it does not pollute the environment, nor does it consume fuels, it has a long useful life (panels over 25 years old) and it can be increased by modules, it does not require major maintenance.

Independent, because it only depends on the sun, you do not need a connection to the public electricity grid, or fuels.
Electric flow diagram with an island type solar photovoltaic system
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Solar electric systems independent and GRID injection (electrical network). Backup and protection of medical and computer equipment, radio communication, electric fences, cogeneration together with electro-thermal generators, air conditioning, etc.
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Solar water pumping
Photovoltaic water pump systems that do not require batteries so the return on investment is very fast. These systems work fully automatic.
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