How does solar energy work?
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How solar photovoltaic electrification works?
How solar photovoltaic electrification works?
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Solar systems without accumulators and without inverter
(DC direct current)
Systems without accumulators and without inverter (direct current DC)
Photovoltaic solar panel (generator)
Sometimes consumers or the system has a booster or voltage converter for optimal operation.
Fuse, switch and irrigation pump (consumer installation)
Photovoltaic systems without accumulators and without inverter (direct current DC)
Low voltage consumers (12 or 48 volts direct current

Equipment that can be connected directly to the 12 or 48 volt direct current system (equipment that only works during the day and depending on the sun):
  irrigation water pump
  Battery charger

Advantages of systems without batteries and inverters:

Saves on system cost
Teams run stronger when there's more sun. In cases of fans and irrigation water pumps, the highest performance depending on the sun's rays may be wanted.

Direct current equipment must be purchased. They are often very special, because they must work not only with direct current, but with a variable voltage depending on the sun.
Sun dependency.
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Solar electric systems independent and GRID injection (electrical network). Backup and protection of medical and computer equipment, radio communication, electric fences, cogeneration together with electro-thermal generators, air conditioning, etc.
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Solar water pumping
Photovoltaic water pump systems that do not require batteries so the return on investment is very fast. These systems work fully automatic.
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