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How solar photovoltaic electrification works?
How solar photovoltaic electrification works?
Tripp-Lite inverters from 300 VA to 3600 VA
Inverters have the same functions as UPSs (Uninterrupted Power Supply), but unlike them they have batteries in a separate battery bank. This has two advantages: the battery bank can be adjusted to specific requirements and the backup or autonomy time is longer.

In alternative or solar energy applications, inverters are generally used, because a larger battery bank is required and the required energy is generated with solar panels.

The inverter has two functions:
  • protecting delicate electronic equipment (computers, televisions, medical equipment, etc.) then have better protection functions than, for example, a "Nivelmatic" or a "breaker". some equipment has built-in voltage boost functions.
  • Convert the battery voltage (continuous) to the voltage with alternate 110 V (volts) while the street light is not in valid condition, or there are blackouts. (high or low voltage, high or low frequency, "brown out", blackout, etc.).

Inverters do not need maintenance. (see also the technical details of operation).

We have 300 VA systems up to 30 KVA available.
To size the backup system, it is necessary to know the maximum consumption and the recovery time of the consuming equipment.
Inversores Tripp-Lite de 300 VA hasta 3600 VA
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